So I apologize on having to “backlog” these updates. It was a hectic summer with the loss of my father-in-law suddenly followed by kidney stones for me.. fun huh? That’s enough to take the wind out of any sail. Enough about the excuses, back to the car… I left off with the repairs on the driver’s front fender. The repairs turned out fairly ok. My focus on this entire project was to repair old body work and move on as …

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We finally got around to installing the number plates. They were ordered from 5X Racing and are great quality. Unfortunately for them, we didn’t want the 5X Racing logo and placed ours over it. We also installed the Mazda decals on the side. Overall, I’m pretty please with the result.

I decided that my original suspension just wasn’t up to the task considering it was from 1994 and it was time for an upgrade. Bill went ahead and got Koni Sport shocks for his RX-8, so I went with those as well. I also got Racing Beat linear springs, Prothane bushing kit, and PowerFlex bump stops. I was able to clean up the front control arms and weld the stabilizer link mount since that is a weak point.