2013 Southern Discomfort Recap

Mike’s recap of the Southern Discomfort Event for the 24 Hours of Lemons:

“Okay, my experience. I’ll first start with the team. Definitely a great group of people with a very high amount of attention to detail. Bonnie did a fantastic job as manager and kept it well organized. We never had any moments where we were scrambling around, bumping into each other. They are very friendly and engaging. I appreciate the experience on the track as it was my first wheel-to-wheel, so thank you John and Bonnie.

The car. I really was shocked at how well it handled. Throughout the corners I was on the tail of the faster cars with part of me hoping they’d break loose and slide out of the way. The straight speeds weren’t the car’s strength, but keeping the momentum through the corners resulted in quick lap times. John was able to get a 2:02 which was faster than the majority of cars. I may have gotten a high 2:04, but it is difficult to find the results at the moment. I also wanted to mention how awesome the car sounded. For being a 2.0L going to two glass packs, it was very surprising. However, the car was put into class A, so John is playing with the idea of throwing the KL into it. I definitely think it would be worth it for those straight speeds.

One thing that wasn’t surprising was how reliable the 626 is. Before and after the first day, and during the quiet period, people were doing everything imaginable to the car. We checked tire pressure, retorqued them, and checked the fluids. It did feel odd that we could just chill out while everyone else was trying to piece their cars together, but it made it a heck of a lot less stressful.

Once again, I really do appreciate the opportunity. They did invite me to the actual 24 hour race in Houston at the end of September. I happen to have an autocross that same weekend, but I’m leaning towards the 24 hour race.”


Video courtesy of the Jobo Racing team:

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