2015 Get Twitchy Challenge Winners!

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Leading up to the event, we had plenty of strong competitors registered for this year’s 2015 Get Twitchy Challenge as part of the September 5th NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross Circuitcross event. The weather reports were changing more than the radar could keep up and it wasn’t until the morning of the event that we would find out the weather should hold out for a great day of competition.


Heat one was packed with over 20 cars taking on the 1.1 Patriot Course in counter-clockwise configuration. The USDrift event had been on track earlier enough to dry out the surface and bring track temperatures up enough to make for some quick times for heat 1 drivers.

Justin Crenshaw in his 2005 Scion Xa had prepared well for the event and bolted up a set of R1R rain tires (my personal favorite as well) not knowing what the conditions for the day may hold. Even with a dry track, the R1Rs proved a valuable asset as Justin laid down a blazing run of 50.866 to lead at the end of heat one.justin-profile-1st

Enrique Suarez, another heat one driver, was hot on Justin throughout the heat typically trailing 1.5 seconds behind until their final runs of the heat. Enrique tripped the finish timer at a 52.331 on his final official timed run in heat one to hold onto the second place standing going into heat two.


By later in the afternoon, when heat two drivers made it from the grid to start, the track temperatures had come up even more and a few newcomers were making their way to the track for their first official timed runs of the day. One of those drivers, Stephen Morris, in his 2006 Ford Mustang quickly showed signs of bumping Enrique from his second place podium. By the end of heat two, when the rain starting to come down, Stephen had caught and passed Enrique with a time of 51.916.


Some very impressive driving in both heats were had by all. All drivers ended up getting 6 or more runs throughout the day, but after the tires cooled off, we had our official winners.


We’d like to congratulate Justin Crenshaw, Stephen Morris and Enrique Suarez for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes!


All of them received a free invitation to compete in next year’s Get Twitchy Challenge to come back and defend their titles and we hope to see some challengers arise and give them some solid run for their money!

Thanks to all who made it a great event!

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Stephen Morris

September 11, 2015 at 7:42 am

This event was an absolute blast! I wish there was a NASA circuit cross every weekend! Thanks for putting on a great event and I look forward to making another event!