#62 Roll Cage Completion

It’s been a few weeks since circling back to show the update on the #62 MX-5’s roll cage installation, but it’s completed now in all it’s glory! The cage took a little longer to build out than expected, but it was well worth the work. Jim at www.rollcagecomponents.com did an amazing job keeping everything as tight as possible and making the 6’+ driver fit safely within the cabin!

Here are some shots during the installation and prior to painting and cleanup.

Once the car was picked up from Jim and brought home, extensive cleanup was required, especially to the cage itself as leaving raw steel exposed in this type of application will only lead to rust in the future. Jim graciously coated all the weld joints though for immediate protection so we had some time before needing to fully paint it.

This is how the cage looked once we got it home. With every cage builder there is a certain level of detail that differs and those details can make a big difference. One big difference is the rounded boxes for the forward legs. The door bars are very tight into the doors and additional gussets provide added protection overall. Its difficult to tell, but two front bars are added as well connecting the firewall (not through it) for additional support and impact protection.

There are some schools of thought that painting the roll cage makes it more difficult for inspections, etc as cracks blend in too easily with painted services and tight corners, but we opted for a nice bright color scheme. White. After all, our colors are white, black and orange.

The paint was brushed on the cage. It took several coats to get good coverage. These photos are during the painting process. Once the cage was coated to our satisfaction, the floors and general cleanup needed to commence. This is what it all turned out like (first photos are from light coats and the last photos are the finished product).

We still need to complete the dash install, remove/relocate heater core and clean up the car as a whole. Stay tuned to see the final completion with the seats installed, etc.


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