Bodywork Part 3

So up until now, all the bodywork has only cost roughly $50 in materials. As anybody who has done bodywork before knows, the cost is your time really. I had about $12 in sand paper rolls for the orbital sander, $18 in metal and welding spool and another $20 in filler and rattle cans. I’ll have the actual cost sheet up a little later, but the goal of this car was to compete within the $2012 limit for GRM, so we’re sticking to it. The paint job would obviously turn out better if I spent more on materials but I stretched every paper, can and scrap metal as far as I could.

Where are some areas you can save more on the bodywork? The paint! I acquired GM white single stage acrylic, 1 gallon for $30. Its OMNI as well, which is a decent brand. Why so cheap? Well… it’s been on a shelf, sealed for about 7 years. I was told it would probably be no good, but for this build and this budget, I couldn’t turn it down. Another gallon of reducer (thats all they had that was cheap) and some primer, put the materials cost now up to $89. It’s sad the parts you don’t see cost more than the part you will.

Getting the paint home, I cracked it open and was a little disheartened. After several minutes of stirring though, the color came back very well and I rolled on a “test stick” to see if the adhesion was still good.

It all was a go. Now, the longevity of this is probably questionable and again the overall quality is going to be minimal, but I just want the car done cheap and to be rid of all the rot, rust and PINK. As you can see in some of the pics, all products used were either OMNI or Evercoat (I had the evercoat, but offset the cost in the extra filler I had to purchase to determine the cost of the job).

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