When the Mazda RX-3 was released in the United States, it already had begun taking racing circuits by storm in Japan. With a lightweight coupe model, available 5-speed transmission and fairly shortly wheelbase, this car was going places. It later became the predecessor to the first generation RX-7, even lending a few of it’s underpinnings to the incoming model.

This particular example was purchased in order for Twitchy Racing to compete in the Grassroots Motorsports $2k Challenge. It was a pretty rough former-ITA class racer that needed, well, everything. A ground up “budget-restoration” begun in 2012. It is nearly completed a this time and we’re looking forward to hauling it down to Forida in 2015 for it’s debut. After the event, who knows, maybe you’ll see it at the local NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross events! With so few examples of this car available today, the risk of high-speed encounters of the concrete kind and lack of available body parts, makes us slightly hesitant to run it down the road course. Only SLIGHTLY hesitant 🙂

Builder:Twitchy Racing
Owner:Bill Edwards
General:1976 Mazda RX-3; #76 Twitchy Racing
Layout:Front Engine; Rear-wheel Drive
Engine:Series 3 13B Fuel-Injected; OEM ECU; Custom Airbox; Custom dual exhaust
Driveline:1974 REPU 4-speed; OEM 13B clutch; 4.85 Final Drive
Interior:Full custom roll cage; rear firewall; Fuel Safe 22gal fuel cell; Kirkey Seat; custom dash/gauges; G-Force harness
Body:JDM Z Flares; Vinyl Carbon Fiber wrap livery
Suspension:Tokico Dampers; Ground control front hats; Unknown Springs/rates; Dual front sway bars
Brakes:OEM Rotors; OEM Pads/Shoes
Wheels & Tires:Hoosier rubber on 14×7 Evolution Racing (UK) wheels
Numbers:Unknown currently.
Sponsors:None – interested??