The Mazda RX-8 brought back that lovely smooth Wankel to Mazda’s lineup in 2004. The Renesis engine, producing more power than the earlier naturally aspirated rotary 13B engines, was dropped perfectly into a chassis that gives way to a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and a braking setup capable of halting all the fun you can throw at 9000RPM.

This particular RX-8 was the second in the Twitchy Racing family, with the prior being an early run at turbocharging the Renesis and showing off all the good looks Mazdaspeed had to offer at the time. This example, however, was geared to be a fully capable HPDE car. More attention was given to balance and finesse, over the brute horsepower of a turbocharged rotary. As the car has nearly 60,000 miles of nothing but track days, trips to and from autocrosses and countless runs through the Smokey’s Tail of the Dragon, we can’t speak more highly of the true rotary spirit and reliability – when you take care of it! Now nearing 100,000 miles on the car, it may be time for more power and less weight as this car will begin its transformation into a TT car for the 2016/2017 season.

Builder:Twitchy Racing
Owner:Bill Edwards
General:2004 Mazda RX-8; NASA PTC/NXC/TTC; #78 Twitchy Racing
Layout:Front Engine; Rear-wheel Drive
Engine:Stock Renesis; LS2 coils; AP Midpipe; K&N filter; Cobb Accessport Tuned; Koyo Radiator
Driveline:OEM 6-speed; Exedy Stage II clutch; Mazdaspeed Flywheel; Axial Shifter
Interior:Sparco EVO driver’s seat & rails
Body:All Stock.
Suspension:KONI Dampers; TEIN progressive-rate springs
Brakes:StopTech Rotors; Hawk HT-10 (front) and HPS (rear) brake pads; Russell braided lines; Speed bleeders
Wheels & Tires:Enkei NT03 18×8.5s +38 with Toyo 265/35 R1R tires.
Numbers:189whp; 146tq; 3050lbs with driver
Sponsors:Mazdaspeed; RiverCitySynthetics;; Exedy USA