Mike’s recap of the Southern Discomfort Event for the 24 Hours of Lemons: “Okay, my experience. I’ll first start with the team. Definitely a great group of people with a very high amount of attention to detail. Bonnie did a fantastic job as manager and kept it well organized. We never had any moments where we were scrambling around, bumping into each other. They are very friendly and engaging. I appreciate the experience on the track as it was my …

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Jan 23 2013 Bill Videos No Comments

We took several videos, but honestly… not many turned out that well. I guess we’re a little rusty from the winter temperatures! Either way, this baseline dyno was very helpful in detecting not only the current state of our 1.8’s health, but also that the factory tach unit is about 500RPM off. Enjoy this for now and hopefully later this season we’ll have a much more exciting dyno video to share.

Oct 28 2012 Bill Videos No Comments

A video of the send off event of the 2012 season. An OG Racing Hyperdrive at VIR! We hope to begin HPDEs next year and keep our Autox titles as well. If all goes to plan, we may have two more drivers and three new cars at the events too! Stay tuned!

Mar 26 2012 Bill Videos Comments Off on Bill’s VIR-Patriot Course Run 3/25

This was by far the most fun I’ve had in the car to date. The weather wasn’t that fantastic, but at some point, we all need to learn to race in the rain right? Unfortunately, as Mikko mentioned, another rotary bit the dust that day. The owner seemed fairly confident after the incident though that the repairs won’t be too harsh and he’ll be back up and running before too long. From what I could tell, looks like the car …

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Mar 25 2012 Mikko Von Kutzleben Videos Comments Off on Mikko’s VIR Circuitcross run

Unfortunately I didn’t get video of my epic spin+recovery. Fortunately though, we all managed to make it there and back in our cars without any real troubles outside of the weather on the way down. Unfortunately, the day wasn’t incident free. A 2010 RX-8 had a head on encounter with the barriers. Billy was talking to the guy and had a closer look at the car, so he’ll have to chime in about how bad the damage really was. It …

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Feb 16 2012 Bill Videos Comments Off on In Car Commentary from VMP 2/12/2012

Decided to do a little different type of video at this event. Mounted the GO PRO up in the corner of the passenger side windshield and swapped backing plates with the non-wind proof version. Even with the windows down, it worked out much better. “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU GREG”…. catch the major drift by Mike at the 1:15 mark in the video… hard to see from that angle, but it was quite spectacular. We’ll have to mate up my video …

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