Chump Parts

Parts are coming in to prepare the MX-6 for being a Chump. Lots of parts. A full inspection of the KL has made it obvious that some serious maintenance items need to be addressed. The valve timing was off enough to cause the rear cylinders to go flat on compression. Upon correcting that, compression is back to a usable level. However, with the tear down in place to correct that process, it is in our best interest to go through the head, valves and supporting gaskets to ensure reliable operation during the gruelling 12-24 hour races we hope to see out of this thing.

On top of all the maintenance items, replacement suspension has arrived, new struts, control arms, bushings, ball joints, etc. Just trying to bring the car up to part and get it tracking straight! The only thing that is needed at this point is to sort out the spring and rates we want to run.

The required fire suppression system has arrived as well as a few minor custom exhaust parts to help make the KL breathe better on the track. A new set of Mazda6 brake calipers and OEM rotors round off the parts list for the time being. Still waiting on some brakes pads and figuring out wheels (necessary to clear the new Mazda6 brakes) before getting the car back to driving status!

Stick around as to see how it unfolds. If luck is on our side, we’re hoping to see a shake down of the car at the Feb 2nd NASA-X event and then it is onto getting its cage and off to be a Chump!

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