Cleaned up and Upgraded Cooling

When I was setting the timing for the dyno, I found I could only get 10 degrees BTDC. My research showed that meant my exhaust cam was off one tooth. I also had an odd noise and suspected an idler pulley. What a perfect opportunity to investigate and set the timing!

What I discovered was that in fact my exhaust cam was off one tooth. I decided since my timing covers were off the car I should clean them up. I also inspected the idler pulleys and they were functioning properly. I’m not sure what that noise is, but I think I’m going to have to tear the engine down soon.

My main objective was to replace the radiator. The other day I noticed it had some corrosion on the bottom. The last one I had with those symptoms properly collapsed on itself and I didn’t want to follow that formula again. I installed a 37mm aluminum Koyo radiator which accepted the OEM fans. Installation was a breeze and the end result is a beautiful, better functioning radiator.

I had some polyurethane bushings for the steering rack lying around that I also decided to install. Again, because of the oil leak I had it was a mess and I tried my best to clean it up. Installation was very simple again. I’m hoping it will give me a little better feel, but really it was just a maintenance item.

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