Continuing filler and paint prep. Bodywork part 2

Finally getting back to updating this thread. I didn’t realize how far behind it was!

I left off with the shaving of the fuel door, and the rocker panel repairs. I won’t keep going on with the photos of the filler, but needless to say, many areas on the car were sanded down and given a new coat of filler.

Here I will start with the rest of the engine bay strip down/out and clean up.

Lots of years of leaks, bumps, rust and neglect in this engine bay!

Fully dressed, to stripped….

Once the engine bay was mostly stripped out and I had a chance to really inspect what was going on there, I could move on back to the rest of the body. Some of the other small things I did was shave a few holes where factory antennas had gone, where who knows what was put on the roof (there was a 1.5″ hole for something there.. .its gone now 🙂 and the door locks. The door locks seemed a bit unnecessary with the fact I have no keys to the car!

Next, I had to address the broken front bumper mount. If you recall from the pics of when we picked the car up, the front end looked a little “sad” almost as if the car was frowning. It was. The driver’s side bumper mount had been cut and rewelded on to make way for the aftermarket sway bar install. Sometime over the last few years those welds cracked (probably from an impact). I realigned it all and rewelded. Hopefully it’ll stay this time and the frown is now upside down!

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