Cooling maintenance completed…

I realize this update comes several weeks after the fact, but I just noticed I didn’t put closure to the #78 RX8s winter projects.

I left off with the removal of the OEM radiator and coolant lines as well as the factory oil cooler lines and coolers. Everything went back together fairly well. I replaced all the insulating foam around EVERYTHING to ensure the proper ducting takes place. The new radiator from KOYO fit perfectly, and the new to me OEM fan set worked out well. The only hiccup was drilling and tapping about 6 of the mounting holes for the undertray as almost every bolt snapped off (read the “northern car” post and you’ll know why).

The Samco coolant lines all lined up perfectly and I used new t-bolt styled clamps over the OEM version. At this point, the car has been to three events and another trip to Deals Gap in NC with no issue. My factory coolant level sending unit is going bad though. This is a common problem. The next maintenance items include replacing the coolant reservoir w/ sending unit and a new undertray. At that same time, I’ll probably install a new thermostat and possibly the remedy waterpump for a little better flow.

The car holds a steady 81-82 degrees on average and hits as much as 92 on track days at 70 ambient temperature. At the higher altitudes on the dragon on US129 and really ripping the car up it got a bit warmer at 94 but I suspect that’s as high as I’ll see it go. I like running the car around 200F when possible.

Also – not really a cooling modification, but something that always burned me was grabbing the hood prop after a few runs. Not only does the rod get uncomfortably hot – it also gets in the way. I installed new hood hydraulics and ditched the rod all together.

Final pics.


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