December 2013 Upgrades to #62

After each season, you have to take a minute and reflect on the positives and negatives of both your accomplishments as a driver and the car’s capacity to move forward. For the #62 MX-5, there are several areas where attention is needed. The car performed exceptionally well, so well to the point where the need to circle back and readdress safety equipment becomes a priority.

Out goes the old (but very adequate for previous purposes) Hard Dog roll bar and in will be going a new full welded in cage with door bars. The RA-1 “rain” tire setup was cycled this season and in place of them, a set of NT-01s will take the new wet traction responsibilities. There is still plenty of life left in the other set of R888s so between the two sets, the 2014 season should see no issues with traction regardless of condition (unless it snows again… **ahem** VIR in March 🙂 )

Also went ahead and replaced the ITB prefilters that melted at the last event at Summit Point. These new prefilters seem much stronger and resilient than the previous version. New prefilters were provided by Outerwears.

More updates to come as the cage gets built and additional details become available over the next few weeks before the 2014 season begins. Side note, the Hard Dog roll bar and seat braces, etc are available for sale. Soft top already sold!

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