Engine Work Part 4: Installation

After getting the 13B home to the RX3, it needed a bit of a clean up. Overall the housings, etc looks pretty clean but I just wanted to get the build up from the years of sitting in the woods off it. Once it was sprayed down and degreased, it was rolled into the garage to hang out with the car to get acquainted for a few days before I could circle back and install it.

Prior to actually getting the engine into the car, I wanted to inspect the clutch disc, remove the unnecessary AC and PS bracket as well as the factory exhaust manifold. I wanted to pull the clutch disc to make sure we didn’t need to order a new one as well as to confirm that it will mate up to the transmission. At first, it didn’t look like it was going to happen, the disc simply did not fit on the splines of the transmission, but after more inspection, it just needed a little 1mm dirt particle to get out of the way.

Cleaned up the friction surfaces on both the flywheel and pressure plate and then reinstalled the clutch.


Once that was taken care of, I cleaned up and painted the clutch fork and release bearing and reinstalled it all. Prepped the engine bay for the engine install (moving lines out of the way, etc).


After nearly 21 months, this car was finally getting it’s engine. To say this was a tight fit going in is a minor understatement. It is not by far the most difficult task though, just a bit tedious with the constant adjustments needed to line it all up to fall in to all the right places. To get it in completely, the “hockey puck” front mounts have to come out and the clutch fan pulley “should” be removed for more clearance. It looks so good in there though.

The modifications required to actually mount this engine in the car are fairly straight forward. The oil pan clears, and it uses the same front cover mounting location as the original RX3’s engine would have. The difference is you need to use the 12A front mount bracket, the one from the GSL-SE will not work without a greater helping of cutting/welding. Here’s a shot of the passenger and driver’s side front mounting locations. I’m actually working on a few other little movements right now so the driver’s side mount isn’t done, but it should be all cinched down by the end of the week.


How it sits for now. Once I get the front crossmember notched and the front bracket notched on the driver’s side, I’ll be all set to start routing the wiring and ECU, ignition harness and coming up with a fan setup for the radiator.

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