Getting it running Part 2: Cooling

After getting most of the wiring laid down, we needed to address an important part of this engine swap. The cooling. The 13B engine requires a good bit more cooling than the 12A required and unfortunately takes up more real estate in the engine bay than the 12A as well. We knew the fit would be tight with how the previous builder mounted the radiator and oil lines in the car so the plan early on was to mount a push fan over the factory clutch fan or even an electric puller type.

For the fan, we turned to eBay and picked up a Godspeed 10″ fan for under $30. Quality? Who knows… but who cares, it needs to survive a few auto-x runs and gridding through the challenge. If it fails, we’ll swap in a more powerful unit.

The fan came in and unfortunately, the measurements were right at 10″ for the fan, but the added shrouding, put the fan on a collision course with the under-mounted oil cooler.

We had to drop the oil cooler brackets about 1″ to move the oil cooler out of the way and the radiator slid right in. The next step was to get radiator lines built. The top line wasn’t all that hard, just a shorter version of the original 12A line, but the bottom took a few tries. Luckily, it all worked out and several minutes and trimming later, we were all set. Should work well for our purposes.

You can see how tight the clearance is from the photos. The car will benefit from a good deal of duct work later on, but I think for the challenge, it should be fine. We’re running slim on funds until some parts sell so we’re playing it safe to remain in budget.

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