Have I mentioned I hate northern cars?

So more winter work is going on for the RX8. I’m continuing on with my plans from last week’s updates. As of now, all the radiator parts are out, lines are out, some lines are installed and I’m working on replacing the oil lines. While doing this, the lovely northern US salt ridden roads shortened the life of many MANY bolts. Needless to say, I’ll be drilling and tapping new stainless hardware into many locations on the chassis.
New crash bar is on it’s way as well as the replacement fans. I also “THINK” I’ve come up with a better inlet duct for the throttle body that will still utilize the stock airbox. This new design will simply straighten out the accordion elbow and drop about 1lbs from the setup.

Found a new source for PPG paint products too so I’ll be picking up some 27C nordic green soon so I can repaint the rails and crash bar when it shows up. Will need some paint to spray the new front bumper too.

Photos from today:

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