Interior Completion

These posts are falling back now a few weeks as we’re spending more time trying to get this car to be ready for the GRM Challenge. With a Nov 1 registration deadline nearing, time is slipping away quickly. The interior cleaning and respray is done finally and most assembly is complete as well. More bits will get locked down as the rest of the build wraps up, but as far as we’re concerned, the interior is as clean as it’s going to be.


Fully repainted the interior with just a few rattle cans less than a quart of thinned out roll-on paint. It’s sometimes easier to get good coverage with uneven and broken services with a roller and sponge than with a rattle can.

The dash was covered with a rubber undercoating to keep the noise down and it gives it an almost vinyl-like appearance. It’s secured to the factory firewall with some scrap metal pieces bent into an L and drilled for fitment. Actually pretty happy with how it all worked. We ended up opting to ditch the defrost/HVAC for now with provisions left in place to re-install after the challenge.
Here are some pics of the progress thus far on the interior.

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