Interior work begins

While we’re working through the engine portion of the build, I have some down time to address the last bit of pink on the car. The interior. It’s amazing how such great fabrication work got covered up by what can only be a Proctor & Gamble ad-execs wet dream, but it’s got to go.

The plan with the interior is pretty simple. Not much if any budget is really getting spent here. Wash it up, rattle can it back to a combination of white and flat black to match the rest of the car and move on. We do plan to build a new fiberglass dash. I’ve never done one before, but have some ideas on how to do it on the cheap. If all goes well, it’ll probably cost $25-$40 tops. Should only cost about $12 in paint for the interior too.

After removing the driver’s seat, I stripped the remaining zip ties, cage padding, oak tree leaves, etc. etc. I then had to remove the rear interior panels. Passenger side came out in about 5 minutes, the driver’s side was so tightly wedged between the cage and the body that it took quite a bit of brute force to convince it to budge. It was broken in a few places, so at least the previous owner obviously had an equal amount of trouble putting them in. The interior got a good soaking and wash and the respray starts.


The rest of the respray should be completed in a few weeks and hopefully we can take advantage of the decent weather to build the dash. The question I’m lingering on right now is what to do for a shifter boot….

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