Interior Work Continues

We left off with the interior post last time just showing a bit of progress. We continued to paint the interior back to white and fixed a few areas along the way. Some trim, hinges, mounting points, etc needed a bit of touching up on the welding, so that was addressed. We also have since bailed on the fiberglass dash idea as a roll of aluminum sheet used for insulation/duct work was being tossed out at a dumpster and it will make a perfectly good dash face for us instead.

The shift boot issue is being addressed with a universal rubber unit from Summit Racing and the only part left to do is make a new mount for the HVAC controls as we do want to be able to have defrost if possible.

Stripped the gauges out, misc wires and other nonsense and began building the new dash face. Once it’s all completed and reinforced but aluminum stock we’ll be all set to coat it flat black (yes, the face is pink, we can’t seem to get away from that color!) and move onto the getting the seat back in, rerouting the fuel line and reapplying the interior bits previously removed before paint. It’s coming together now!



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