Looking Ahead to 2014

Dec 26 2013 Bill Events No Comments

Trying to get a grip on the 2014 upcoming events. We have decided to take full advantage of what NASA has to offer and curb some of the operating costs by working some events as a volunteer and then driving in the events we aren’t working. The best method we can see to this is to work as many non-Mid-Atlantic events as we can. This way we can best capitalize on learning more about NASA while not falling behind on our home tracks when it comes time for competition!

If you’ve been paying attention, we’re also in the process of seeing if we can sort out a Chumpcar for some endurance racing this year. That only adds to the scheduling complexity! Here is the run down of events we COULD make it to, now to just decide which ones we WILL make it to! I guess we have a few weeks to figure it out….


DateEvent NameTrackRegion
February 2ChillycrossVMPNASA-X
February 15-16Winter ClipperBMPSE
March 14-16Pot-O-Gold RushRoad AtlantaSE
March 21-23March MadnessVIRMA
March 29LimerockNE
March 28-30The old car dominion 12VIRChumpcar
April 4-6NJMPNE
April 5-6Spring RumbleSMPMA
April 12-13Savannah SizzlerRoebling RoadSE
April 28-29Watkins GlenNE
May 2-4VIRMA
May 16-18NJMPMA
May 17-18Pit Bull BrawlCMPSE
June 6-8HyperFestSMPMA
June 13-15June JamRoad AtlantaSE
June 20-22Thompson SpeedwayNE
June 21-22Mountain State MadnessSMPChumpcar
July 3-5LimerockNE
July 5-6Firecracker RunCMPSE
July 18-20Heat WaveVIRMA
July 19-20NJMPNE
July 218 hours of LiMesLimerockChumpcar
August 1-3Hotlanta ChallengeRoad AtlantaSE
August 9-10The VIR 24-hour ClassicVIRChumpcar
August 16-17Summer BreezeSMPMA
August 23-24Thompson SpeedwayNE
August 29-31ChampionshipsRoad AtlantaMA/SE/NE
September 26-28Watkins GlenNE
October 3-5OktoberfastVIRMA/SE
October 24-26NJMPNE
November 1-2Turkey TrotDaytonaSE
November 1-2Hotlaps in HotlantaAMPChumpcar
November 8-9Fall FinaleSMPMA
December 5-7Santa’s Toy RunRoad AtlantaSE

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