More Power for #62

In the coming weeks, there are lots of projects to be completed on all the Twitchy cars. With an engine build and install into the RX3 and the #78 RX8 getting new exhaust work, the #62 Miata isn’t being left behind without some attention of it’s own.

When seeking more power in the NA generation Miata, there are literally hundreds of options available. You can count on a laundry list of choices. Fully built naturally aspirated, little or big turbos, superchargers, nitrous, engine swaps and more fill the pages of most popular MX-5 online communities.

When faced with what do to for more useful power on #62, Mike decided for the car and his own preference in road racing that staying naturally aspirated for now is the best route. The engine is sound, so we’re not tearing into it at this time. Exhaust has been addressed, cooling is complete so the natural direction at this point is to get more air in.

Cold air intakes don’t offer what we’re looking for.

But the Jenvey IRTB setup from certainly does. It utilizes four 45mm throttle bodies, gorgeous aluminum manifolds and air horns with a multitude of add-ons specific to your needs. For now, the addition of a vacuum block, AEM wideband, AIT sensor and Megasquirt EMS are all we’re going with.

We plan to provide a full write-up on the setup, installation and the results over the next few weeks. Right now, we’re holding off until after our March race weekends.

Enjoy the pics and stay tuned:

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