NA Power upgrade complete

It’s been a while and I didn’t realize we never put the details of the Jenvey ITB setup on the website! We left off with teaser photos of the hardware and never followed through on the showing off the goods installed!

The install went pretty well overall. Only minor modifications required to a few studs to allow the new manifold to mate up to the 1.8. Had to acquire a decent fuel pressure regulator, some additional fuel lines and we were set.

The megasquirt installation went smoothly as well. Not overall pleased with leaving it the factory location behind the passenger seat, but for now it’s been working fine. We plan to move it to somewhere that is less exposed to the elements.

The car has made several events since the installation. We actually managed to complete the installation and base tuning using Tuner Studio software only four days before our March Madness VIR event. Since then, only minor changes, cleaning up and the addition of some mesh filters have been added. Hopefully we can strap the car back down on the dyno soon and get the final tuning complete with new whp numbers to brag about.

The improvements to the car even without a dyno are pretty noticeable. The car pulls harder and longer than before. The back straight at VIR is no longer a waiting game to get to the braking zone and since the installation, the car has been an absolute beast on the high RPM auto-x courses NASA-MA has been laying out this year. Is the cost worth the value? If you wish to remain NA, we’d say yes. And hey, just because you’re running ITBs, doesn’t mean you can’t go forced induction as well 😉

Video overview:


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