NASA-MA Autocross Championships

Oct 19 2012 Bill Events No Comments

The 2012 NASA Mid Atlantic Autocross championship season is over! How did we end up? Well lets just say we left the last event a little heavier then we arrived. It was a great season with some good people and good courses! Where else can you autocross in January after all!

The standings for Twitchy Racing went as follows:

1st Place NXC – Bill Edwards #78 RX8

1st Place NXD – Mikko Von Kutzleben (or as our shirts now say Mikko “won” Kutzleben..seriously, check out the pic, I’m not joking) #330 330I

1st Place NXE – Mike Brose #62 MX5

We also managed a 3rd place finish overall in the field. I was actually a little surprised on that one as it was a very close top 5 finishers. The other winners this season that I’d like to mention as well:

1st Place Overall – Jeffrey Elmore in his Boxster S, 2nd Place Overall – Justin Crenshaw in his Scion XA. Special thanks to Chris Duncan as well for some entertaining courses this year and for giving me something to watch out for while running NXC class! We hope to see everybody out again next season for 2013!!


Here are some photos from the event that day.

Only a few shots of the RX8 at the last event (photographer was busy with our little helper who REALLY wanted to eat first)..


A few shots of Rob Spradlin’s Cavalier as well (I’ll email you the originals Rob):


Receiving Awards:


Team photo at the end of the day!!

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