NASA-X 4/21 VMP Recap

Apr 26 2013 Bill Events No Comments

The third NASA-X event for 2013 season is completed. For once we had great weather! This event was sponsored by PTuning in Manassas, so we had plenty of FRS/BRZ cars running around and a lot of Novices running. Hopefully they got hooked and will keep joining us.

The #62 MX-5 placed very well again, running a low 58s pass. The #78 RX8 came in behind him at a 59s pass and the #330 BMW came in at a 61s pass. This may be the last event for the #330 BMW as Mikko is preparing his 3000GT for upcoming races.

Hopefully we’ll get some updates on that car here soon.


For now, please enjoy these raw, hi-res photos from that day (and don’t shoot me… I’m not a photographer!). You can also see some edited versions (in low res) on our facebook page.



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