New Suspension for the RX8

This will be the first post on the new website for Twitchy Racing’s RX8. The car has been around for about 5 years now and has undergone a few upgrades to make it a capable racer in NASA Mid Atlantic’s NASA-X Championship Autocross, primarily located here in Central/Southern Virginia.

For the first post, I’m outlining the death of the car’s former suspension setup. I had a set of the JIC FLT-A2s adjustable coilovers on this car for about three seasons now. Prior to that, they were on another RX8 and prior to that they were on my original 2004 RX8 (turbo). Needless to say, they’d lived a good long life and the years took their toll on them.

After the last track day at VIR, the coilovers had enough. Without a replacement option handy, I actually ended up taking the car on a 1,000 mile trip to Deals Gap Rotary Rally which really drove the stake through the suspension’s heart and had some fellow rotor-heads dubbing the car “caddy”. When I got home to remove the coilovers, this is what I was shown…

As you can see, most if not all the fluid had escaped the damper and found new residency on my control arms and sway bar. Now, I know you’re thinking – that is one nasty undercarriage! Well guess what… I don’t care! This car was my wife’s daily for a few years, and stepped up to the racing needs when the RX7 wasn’t ready. The RX8 chassis has proven very competitive and has a sweet spot in my rotor shaped heart from now on.

That being said, this will most likely be the car’s last competition season. The JICs going limp on me is unfortunate timing, but I can always improvise. With my eyes set on building a simpler dual purpose street ride and occasional HPDE runner, the JICs were replaced with a more common Koni Sport/TEIN setup. This setup was provided by Assualtech, a great parts supplier and one helluva nice guy. We hope to see more between Twitchy Racing and Assualtech in the future.

Here are some shots of the new Konis compared to OEM and then the proud RX8 they sit under in it’s “street appearance”.

Stay tuned for future updates. My plans at this point are to improve on the car’s aero and safety equipment. Even in a street car, I prefer roll bars over B-pillars (or lack-there-of).

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