New Trailer

Well as we’re wrapping up the 2012 season and my daughter is becoming old enough to understand that daddy is gone on Sundays, it was time to take the dive into trailering the RX8 to events. I’ve had an older utility style trailer to move the cars around and haul things, but never really used it to tow to events. That trailer is out and I managed to pick up a better one that I feel will get me, the car and the family safely to all our events for 2013. This is also a neccessity to start getting more involved in NASA and taking the Twitchy Racing team to the next level.

This trailer actually is no stranger to me. It was owned by a fellow rotor head and my old team owner when we ran ESRC Rally in NASA several years ago. Since we used it to haul the 1988 RX7 Rally car anywhere from NC to NY, I’m confident it will fit my needs.

It does need some minor TLC and will get a new coat of paint as well, but that’s to come later..


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