Paint: Bodywork Part 6

So after countless hours of fixing what had to be fixed and getting the car taped up and sealed, it was finally time for color! The bitter truth of this phase though is that at this point we know we’re not making it to the challenge for 2012 and I left a lot of the “badges of honor” on the car. If this was a no holds bar type build, I would have spent several more weeks in body work repairing all the dents/dings/etc. But since we still have hopes of competing in the $2013 challenge, we decided to leave it alone. A few dents never hurt anybody. At least now we would know the rust is gone and its all one color again!

First coat.

Second and third coats without final cutting:

Now some of you may notice the paint on the hood, roof and deck lid are a bit flat. There is a reason for that which will become clear in the coming posts.

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