Presenting the Get Twitchy Challenge 2015

Aug 26 2015 Bill Events Comments Off on Presenting the Get Twitchy Challenge 2015


Everybody is getting into the competition spirit as we get closer to flocking to Virginia International Raceway for the NASA Eastern State Championships this 2015 Labor Day weekend. Twitchy Racing and NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross are putting on a side-show on the 1.1 mile Patriot course on Saturday, September 5th. As part of this event, and as a thank you to everybody who has participated in our NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross season thus far, Twitchy Racing would like to offer awards to the top finishers of the day at the event.

First, second and third place finishers will receive awards immediately after the second heat of the day has ended and times are officially tallied. Our season-long supporter and good friends at have also extended a $100 Gift Certificate for Twitchy Racing to hand over to the 1st place finisher along with their award.

This is stacking up to be a great weekend of motorsports racing and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there!


All details regarding the event, including how you can still register to compete, are available on our website.

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