Putting all back together: Bodywork Part 7

So time was moving pretty slow. The paint had enough time to cure so some finishing up had to take place.

The paint got a cut/buff from a simple orbital. Nothing special, but it got a good polish and wax onto the paint to bring out SOME luster. Overall, the paint job isn’t bad considering the conditions and equipment used. Cheap paint job, why? BECAUSE RACE CAR!

Tailights in, paint buffed, and the fuel cell undercoated again. Will probably undercoat the entire car at some point again:

Engine bay work continues:

Now, this may clue you in on why the paint was flat on these panels. Why spend more time if you’re just covering them up! This stuff is pricey, but it was going to complete the look we really wanted. It is NOT as easy to work with as I thought, but then again, I’m not a professional with it… yet.

It feels good to start getting it back together, but these types of jobs are the most tedious!!

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