Reassembly continues

I dont think I can really call this bodywork any more. I’m not touching the body, just the parts that go back on it. It is really amazing how long this stage of building a car can take. I’ve lost track of total hours invested at the moment, but I’ll go back and check my logs to see. There is something about these old cars though that I’m really having a fun time with. It was all so much simpler in the 70s I guess!

I pulled the exhaust, the transmission and the driveshaft all for inspection and cleaning:

Then, I installed the new corner lights (required for the challenge) we sourced from a dealer in Asia. Luckily, these cars shared a lot of parts with their siblings! Got a little creative with the 3M carbon wrap as well.

Remeber the exhaust above that I wanted to inspect.. here is why:


Guess I’ll be breaking the welder back out. Not sure if I can grind/repair this as its already been repaired a few times… may put new metal in. We’ll see….

Back up front, the engine bay is getting put back together. In the process of cleaning all the wires and routing things. It was fairly straight forward before, so I think we’ll follow the same direction as the previous builder. Just some new wires here and there. Also repainted the front grill, bolted the bumper back and yes, the corrected support is holding good 🙂 Now if I could only get that new front lip I’m working on done….

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