Through our various travels on the internet, we have come across tools that we think are helpful. Below is a list of some we found beneficial and even some we made.


res1 NASA-X Class Calculator

An easy web-based calculator to help assist in NASA-X car classing. This unofficial tool certainly will not replace the paper form, but it is a quick way to visualize changes.

res2 Wheel/Tire Size Comparer

One of the more comprehensive wheel/tires tools out there. It can visually show you the differences between two wheel/tire combos and critical information such backspacing and tire diameter.

res3 Tire Size Calculator

A tire sizing tool that shows a visual representation of the size differences between a tire/wheel combo and also shows the difference in the accuracy of your speedometer due to different diameters.

Requires Java and security exception.

Price Comparison

res4 TireTab

This online tire price comparison engine is the tool to use when trying to find the best deal on performance tires.