Sealer and Primer: Bodywork Part 5

With all the years of paint work on this Mazda, I splurged a bit and got a high quality 2k primer sealer from eastwood. Hey, it’s splurging for a $2012 build. I wanted to make sure I got good adhesion on everything from old paint, rust, old primer and old paint. The new location I’m working in has no power to the section I’m using, so I had to run extension cords for the air compressor which meant I had little lighting options. I say this because once you see the pics, it’ll make sense.

Finally.. the body is all one color. Again, I apologize for the poor lighting and cell phone pics.

MC – fellow Twitchy Racing $2k12 GRM Challenge builder snuck a few shots of me adding some primer to the doors and bumpers too. All panels got at least two coats of primer by the time it was all done. Enough to build up, sand down and level the surface as best I could.

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