The team, as we often refer to ourselves, came to be in 2007. After three guys, who knew each other well, found themselves constantly going to the same events, working on similar cars and needing extra support during track weekends, they decided to pool resources and join forces. The team consists of three, tech-savvy gear heads who work together to support each other and their cars throughout their individual racing careers. Putting all of our time and efforts together into a team allows us to offer our supporters a higher level of professionalism and exposure. It lets us have a sounding board for new ideas, engineering, next-steps, and career development, even if it is only an amateur career development plan. Racing is a very time consuming and mentally draining endeavor which can yield huge rewards in terms of happiness and fulfillment of that adrenaline meter of any gear head. We have a great group, ere team, of guys doing what they really enjoy doing all the while making sure we do so in a safe and meaningful way. Oh, and we get to drive the doors off some of the most exciting cars to come onto our shores and on some of the greatest tracks this side of the of the Rockies while doing it!
Bill Edwards NASA
Bill Edwards
Twitchy Racing, Managing Director & Driver
NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross, Program Director

Bill has been autocrossing since 2002. He is a self-proclaimed Mazda fanatic and Rotary aficionado. Having built and raced more than a few rotary powered cars over the last decade, Bill is always excited to get the chance to meet fellow enthusiasts at any event. From 2004 through 2006, Bill was active in the NASA ESRC Rally series as crew chief and pit crew support for a local rotary-powered B-Stock class race team. Bill also took over as Program Director of the NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross group to organize the events. Bill plans to continue to work towards a competition license with NASA to compete in numerous series, and someday the 25 Hours of Thunderhill! Bill has the loving support of his wife and 3 children as well as his extended Mazda Rotary friends and family.

Michael Brose
Twitchy Racing, Director & Driver
NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross, Operations Director

Michael has been autocrossing since 2005, starting in his ’60 MGA powered by a Ford V8. A fellow Mazda enthusiast as well, he decided to begin competitively driving more in open track events and now pilots our #62 MX-5. Michael joined Bill in taking a more active role in the NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross program when he took the position of Operations Director. Michael has also driven with other teams during LeMons races and when not building and racing his Mazdas, he spends time administrating a Mazda 626 club and building Triumph motorcycles.

Mikko Von Kutzleben
Twitchy Racing, Events 
Mikko has been autocrossing and karting since 2007. Deeply rooted in Mitsubishi and BMW communities, Mikko is able to bring a more rounded perspective to our otherwise Mazda-centric team makeup. He is also an avid Motorcycle enthusiast.