The plan

In the last post, we finally got the RX3 into the garage and work has slowly started to begin, we had to give some thought to an overall plan. As usual when building a car, plans can and usually do change, but for now… this is the basic goal (sorry for lack of detail, but we’re playing it by ear):

  • Respray to white (no more red/pink/blue/yellow)
  • 12A Half Bridge
  • Carbon style roof, hood and trunk lid
  • Kumho tires
  • New dash

As we start to tear down the car and begin work, ideas and plans may change. Budget obviously plays a huge role in this whole build. The car’s bodywork is pretty shot and will require a good amount of repair, prep and paint to bring it all back. After the $2k challenge, it’s still just going to be a racecar, so looks aren’t SUPER important, but the current body has got to get refreshed. The engine choice is leaning on a 12A for a few reasons, one – that’s what came out of the car and GENERALLY speaking, you can get 12As for a lot less than 13Bs. We’ve already begun the search for an engine. We’ve bought entire 1982-1985 RX7s for $250 or less before and we’re hoping to repeat that in order to keep the powerplant part of the budget under control.

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