This exhaust is cooked…

So in preparation for the third engine idea for the RX3, which involves the larger 13B engine, we need to make a few changes to the car to accommodate the extra size, roughly 20mm, that the 13B is over the 12A. One part in particular is the exhaust. Now, MC having used 12A housings on one of his earlier projects, we know we can make the RX3s original headers work on our new engine. The problem, they are SHOT. It looks like they’ve been patched at least three, maybe four times on each runner. No big deal, we’ll just do the same… right?


Wrong! This was a crack that I tried repairing and now I can see why these headers are not working out. All the years of racing and normal mild steel break down, they are PAPER thin in some areas. It looks like I’ll need to cut out and replace the entire radius portions. I have some steel left over from another project I’m working on that might just work.

Hopefully all this will work out. We’re getting close on the budget as it is and we only have just enough to get the car running and get new tires!

Here’s what the other radius looks like (I haven’t even TRIED to weld on it yet, just a little grinding to see what’s what).



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