Twitchy Racing $2012 Challenge Project


In November, 2011 – an answer to our desire for building a Grassroots Motorsports Magazine $2012 challenge car spoken through a Craigslist ad. Somebody had listed a 1976 Mazda RX3 former ITA car for sale in NC. As it would turn out, it was currently sitting at Rotorsports Racing in Kannapolis under the care of a long time rotor-builder and racer well known in our community. The asking price, $1,500 without the engine or $2,500 with a fresh built 12A powerplant.

I found the original lister through our car club, sent him a private message and in a few weeks I was dragging the trailer down from VA to “take a look”. A good friend and long time rotor-head was along for the ride to help me load the car and occupy my at-that-time 13 month old daughter (aren’t daddy-daughter car trips fun!)

We got there fairly early, and as we rolled up, it was a playground of customer cars and the owner of shop, Brian, personal rides. Here’s what we came to find when we first laid eyes on the potential next Twitchy Racing ride.


As you can see, it was in fairly good shape, but it may have some added weight with all the spent leaves. This tired looking former podium sitter was banished to live out its years under an old oak tree… ok, well, maybe not an oak tree but you get the idea.

After some final inspection and casual conversation it was not even a second guess, we had to get this car!

Here’s another photo of myself and my daughter taking a walk around the car.


I had some time to tour the shop and talk cars, as it would turn out Brian himself had his own car featured on the cover of Grassroots Motorsports some years back and it was starting to all fall together. This RX3 was meant to to be. Since Brian was actually selling the car on behalf of it’s actual owner, we had already arranged the paperwork and a $500 deposit to hold the car until I could come see it.

After we got there, we agreed on the final price of $1,000!!! That’s right folks, $1,000 for a built ITA car. Unbelievable right? Well… keep an eye on the next posts to find out more, but this car will rise again and with a shred of luck, grace the pages of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.


A final note – IF you recognize this car, please contact us as we’d love to know more about the car’s history. We have a lot of past bill of sales and the title that are linked to some pretty big names in the Mazda Racing scene but nothing definitive has shown up yet.


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