tshirt-designAs we prepare for our 2016 season, we’re coming up with new swag! We enjoy the creative outlet of designing cars and parts, but this year, we want to put the challenge up to you!

This t-shirt design contest is to come up with a design we can have printed on shirts we’ll wear and make available at all of our event for 2016.

Some simple rules:

1. Front of the shirt only.

2. Include the Twitchy Racing logo somewhere in the design.*

3. Colors are up to you, but extra credit for using black, orange and white.

4. No words/text. Simply graphical.

What you get:

1. Your design in front of tons of local motorsports fans.

2. Include your name on the design if you want.

3. One free entry to any of our NASA Mid-Atlantic Autocross events.

4. A t-shirt of your own of course 🙂


Submit your design ideas to bill@twitchyracing.com by Jan 1, 2016!

* You can grab the logo from the website, but if you need a full-res version, e-mail or message us on Facebook and we’ll send you a hi-resolution Illustrator version.