Want to be a Chump!

After the 2013 season and the on again, then off again, then on again conversations about running endurance races, Twitchy Racing driver Michael picked up a candidate for Chump Car racing or LeMons. Keeping with the mostly Mazda powered corral of Twitchy cars, this candidate comes in the form of a 1995 Mazda MX-6. With nearly 230,000 miles on the clock, the KL (V6 for those out of the know) powerplant looks a little worse for wear but seems to have hope. A mild tune up and some new valve cover gaskets should have it sound enough for the two races we hope to run this year.

The plan on this is to of course, get it up to tech for Chump Car, repair a few minor details and get as much seat time as possible before the KL gives up. Once we tear into it more and determine a plan of action on where the rest of the budget goes, there may be some room for minor improvements. The biggest thing right now is to get the excess weight out of this loaded LS model, weld the sunroof shut and start sourcing equipment for it.

More details to follow. The following photos are from after picking the car up and the initial tear down. All parts are for sale if anybody needs a few things for their own MX-6 project.


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