What $1,000 Buys You

May 04 2012 Bill 1976 Mazda RX3 Comments Off on What $1,000 Buys You


In the first post, I introduced you to the project car but probably left a good bit of detail out. The purpose of the GRM challenge is to build a competitive car for under $2,012 and starting with a fully built SCCA ITA car may seem to be a bit optimistic at that price range, but give me a few minutes and you’ll see why the car was so cheap.

Before I get down to the bad stuff, I should mention some of the good. The car was built really well originally. A full interior cage, rear fire wall, fuel cell, Kirkey seat, driver panel, suspension with all the adjustable goodies you could have in ITA, OEM gauge cluster and misc trim pieces and last but not least – 7 extra wheels. Yup, thats 7 wheels.. not 8. We’re not really sure how it came to be the car only had 7 extra wheels, but at $1,000 we aren’t complaining. Not to mention, in this year’s $2012, Kumho rubber doesn’t count against our budget… so those extra wheels will come in handy to hold onto some sticky rubber!

Now, onto the more reasonable end of the purchase price. The car was built really well as I mentioned, but that was probably 15-20 years ago! The extra wheels and tires, shot. Bodywork, shot. Engine? Non-existent. We do still have the rest of the drivetrain though, so that’s a good start.

Since this is being built in the spirit of the challenge, I’m going to be totally upfront with everybody. We are building this car within budget and yes, MOST of the work is being done in a single family home 2 car garage. The advantage is we have a great platform to start with, this isn’t my first racecar and we may know a thing or two about engines and bodywork. But we’re still as grassroots as it gets. Hell, currently all members of Twitchy Racing have day jobs outside of the the automotive industry.

Here’s some eye candy for now so you can see what we’re dealing with!

We’re working up the game plan now and work has already begun on the car, so I’ll try to hurry up and get some updates here soon.


$2012 ChallengeRX3

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