Winter Updates Completed

In preparation for a new NASA-X season and to prepare the MX-5 for more road course action, it was decided a few things would need some attention.

First off, maintenance was the general theme amongst both the MX-5 and RX8 this winter. After multiple track events and races, the cars needed some much required TLC.

The MX-5 had a failing rear wheel bearing. Upon trying to replace and repair it, it was discovered that the entire hub assembly in the rear would need to be replaced. MAZDAMOTORSPORTS.COM to the rescue.

Also, a “mysterious” clunk from the front end, turned out to be a disconnected front sway bar end link. Luckily, the threads weren’t marred and a new nut and retorque is all that was required.

Finally, some traction! The MX-5 got some “big boy” tires finally. These are more in preparation for other modifications later this year but they’ll certainly increase the lateral grip of the car in the high-speed courses NASA MA provides us.

The choice was made for the new Konig Flatout 15×8 +25mm in gold, wrapped in a set of Toyo R888s in 225/45/15 secured by McGard Spline drive lug nuts all purchased from They look great on the car, but required a fender roll to complete the package. These R comps, plus a few new upgrades coming this spring will bump the car to NXD class for the 2013 season.

Here are some lovely rainy cold weather shots of the MX-5 sporting it’s new look. Other plans are to get a baseline dyno on the car in preparations for more power modifications this year as well as improved aero parts.

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